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  • Construction Division Strike & Organizing Fund Rules
    Updated On: Jul 06, 2015


    The primary purpose of the Strike and Organizing Fund (the Fund) is to support the participating
    members of the Construction Division who participate in pickets and organizing drives that help
    grow and strengthen the Local 445 Construction Division.

    Maintaining the Fund:
    The Fund shall be funded by a $2.00 per month assessment from the members in the Construction
    Division. Included in the Fund are all employees of signatory contractors to Local 445 contracts
    with Heavy and Highway, Supply (Tilcon, Argenio, Maybrook Materials, Concrete and Block
    Companies, Quarries, Peckham and Callanan Industries), Trucking (Single and Multi Truck Owners),
    Pipeline Employers, Utility contractors, Gorr Trucking, along with PLA’s and anyone else benefiting
    from the Fund.

    Payments and Rules:
    The Fund shall be used to provide contributing members/participants with financial assistance to
    purchase gas and food while on the picket line, or to provide assistance to members/participants in
    handbilling potential contractors.  The Local may also have a need to purchase supplies.
    o  No payments will be disbursed when the Fund’s balance falls below $10,000.00.
    o  No payments are to be paid to someone not participating in picketing or handbilling.
    o  Payments will not exceed $25 per day.
    o  Payments will be given out in the form of a check from the Dues Department within
    one week from the submission of a “Strike Fund Disbursement" form.
    o  Purchases made by the Local in excess of $200.00 must be pre-approved by the
    participants of the Fund.  Purchases would include, but not be limited to,
    refreshments for picketers/handbillers.
    o  Two week's notification must be given to the participants before any vote is taken
    regarding the Fund.
    o  No disbursements will be given to a participant if he/she is three months or more
    behind in dues.
    o  Any dispute on eligibility for benefits from the Fund shall be presented to the
    Secretary-Treasurer within 30 days of the occurrence.   A decision can be appealed
    to the Local 445 Executive Board.
    The Secretary-Treasurer of the Union, or designee, shall:
    o  Authorize strike/picket/ handbilling action
    o  Approve Fund payments to participants
    o  Designate and assign responsibility for the proper conduct of a strike
    o  Report to the members, on a quarterly basis, the financial status of the Fund
    including current balance, payments to participants, and other payments made in
    each quarter
    o  Furnish necessary disbursement forms to the person in charge of overseeing the
    o  Notify participants in advance if strike payments are to be paid out for
    o  Fine participants $25 if called to strike/picket/handbill and they do not participate
    Participants are required to:
    o  Conduct themselves in a professional manner while picketing or handbilling
    o  Spend a minimum of four hours on the site unless released early by the Union, in
    order to receive a strike fund disbursement
    o  Complete the required form and submit to the designated person in charge or to the

    Local 445 Dues Department
    The rules of the Fund must be approved by the participants of the Fund. The rules
    and guidelines should be reviewed and approved at least every three years by the
    participants of the Fund.

    Download: Strike_Fund_Rules.pdf

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